Comparison of Brass & Steel

Discreption Brass Steel
Resale Value Yes No
Chances of Damaging Furniture 2-5% 50-100%
Corrosion No May be
Fitting Accuracy 100% 50-60%
Alloy Copper + Zinc Iron
Machining Efficiency 100% 30-40%
Tensile Strength More Less
Brittle Quality Can bear extreme weather conditions Brittle @ low tempreture
Finish & Colors Various No
Usage in Electrial Application Yes No
Wear & Tear No Yes
Hygienic Yes No
1. Brass & Steel are both Alloys
2. Brass is an excellent thermal & electrical conductor.
3. Steel structure have more fatigue life.
4. Brass ductility is very helpful in making jewelry & decorative products.
5. Brass is hygienic & non-corrosive compared to steel.